About Optioned to Fresno

This is a blog for analysis and commentary about the San Francisco Giants' minor league system, prospects and teams. While this blog will touch on issues dealing with the Giants roster (such as callups and demotions, etc.), for the most part this blog will concentrate on the players and the teams in the Giants' farm system. So, if you're looking for stuff on Cody Ross or Tim Lincecum, you might want to head elsewhere. However, if you're looking for writeups and debates about players on the San Jose Giants and Richmond Flying Squirrels, than this blog is likely up your alley.

First off, I'm not a minor league expert or analyst or scout. I'm a baseball fan who has an avid interest in minor league baseball and sabermetrics. With a degree in economics and a minor in journalism, I like to use my knowledge and experience in those areas in my writing and study of the San Francisco Giants' minor league organization. I will always try to be as impartial as possible, but I am a Giants fan, so things will always be colored in a certain light (probably in the more optimistic lens).

In terms of myself, I am a recent college graduate studying to be a teacher. I enjoy all sports and enjoy advanced statistics in various sports as well (including basketball and APBRmetrics), but baseball is really the sport I enjoy writing about the most. In addition to writing "Optioned to Fresno" (a "spinoff" of my previous blog, "Remember '51"), I also write for "The Crazy Crabbers" play fantasy sports, play in basketball night leagues, believe that the A.J. Pierzynski deal was the worst in team history, and am still in shock the Giants won their first World Series since coming to San Francisco. I also like James Ellroy novels ("The Black Dahlia" is my favorite), classic noir fiction and foreign films, specifically ones from Asia and done by Chan Wook Park.

For questions, suggestions or just anything in general, feel free to contact me through e-mail at objesguy44@gmail.com